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Bianca Ryan’s Camp Reachin’ Out to Certain Charice Fans

Charice fans,
I am a moderator at the Bianca Ryan forum. Speaking for myself and the fans over there, I want to assure you that no fan of Bianca wishes anything but the best for Charice. We have several members who were fans of Charice first and came to our board to act as fans of both girls. They have posted links to her YouTube performances that are still up in the BACK PORCH forum.

To my knowledge, none of our members have ever made unfavorable comments toward Charice on YouTube or any other website. The only anger has been toward certain Charice fans who seem to have lost all sense of civility. Making hateful remarks toward Bianca only damages the credibility of Charice in the eyes of any intelligent person. If you really like Charice and her music, show it in a positive way.

I guarantee you that the mods at our site will delete any snarky comments posted on our board toward either girl, or toward any other performer. This is a big planet and certainly there is room for TWO successful and beloved young singers.

Mr. Bill
Official peacemaker

7 Responses to “Bianca Ryan’s Camp Reachin’ Out to Certain Charice Fans”

  1. Howard says:

    The sad part is the message from the Bianca Ryan forum moderator is 3 years old and it is still going on to this day even worse

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  2. Wendy Claire paner says:

    Love you all ate charice and please po kuya fALse voice I have so many talents

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  3. haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:

    comment deleted

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  4. munzt says:

    I always believed that there is definitely no need to say anything negative about any artist who display professionalism and sincerity to their craft. Being an artist equates to their whole life to some and they deserve all the respect everyone can give.

    Charicemania is a very well-moderated site. Even regular chasters here have developed self-moderation and it is evident when issues and disagreements arise, as it does once in a while.

    I hope youtube would create a way to filter comments and disallow expletives and trash words. That is one place where freedom of speech is most abused.

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  5. Jessica86s says:

    To Mr. Bill;

    I am very embarrassed and do agree that the Charice fan side has some weirdos who are out of control. And at times I do not think they are really Charice fans but jsut palin trouble makers. I am very sorry that your site has been visited by these characters. I believe the moderators and administrators on our Charicemania site do their best to keep our site as wholesome and proper as possible. Just as the world is big enough for everyone, we too have the problem of having to deal with such characters. Thank you for calling our attention to this matter.


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  6. t-pad says:

    go charice and bianca i know that this two talented girls can move on to the highest level of ther singing carier……….

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  7. hoz says:

    This is a very classy thing to do. I agree some ChaFans have got carried away in their fervor to promote Charice. There is room for both and mutual support benefits all.

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