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Charice Pempengco Mania in New York

newstar excerpt Charice Pempengco Mania in New York

Submitted by: Archie Dairocas

Charice mania has spread from Korea to Ellen DeGeneres to U.S. of A and to the world. Now, its aroma is brewing and you can smell it in the air of New York City.

Her YouTube success has made her a household name though she doesn’t have an original song to back it up yet she just puts a virus on you through her infectious-warm-riff activated voice and you’ll be part of the new solid fans CHARICE PEMPEHOLICS OR CHARICEMANIACS. Whether Filipinos, Koreans, Italians and Americans, they were instant recruits. Her Star King appearance which was posted by CoolSmurf in YouTube has been visited one million seven hundred plus (1,700, xxx). Her DeGeneres appearance which was posted by Nythawk23 is hit 502,000 and counting.

A producer/composer/mixing engineer and also a Grammy member, Archie Dairocas viewed her through a “word of mouth” by fellow Filipinos was tempted to submit a song for her then his world is now transformed into a Charice Pempengco addiction mania. He posted a video titled “CHARICE PEMPENGCO FUTURE #1 SONG” (part 1&2) two weeks ago and due to the mania in the world his YouTube video got 3,100 hits only in 12 days and counting. The video was also viewed by EMI, USA then got archived at CHARCICEMANIA.COM for awhile and now you can read the reactions and comments of people all around the world.

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Citizen Pinoy Short Documentary on Charice

Here’s an excerpt on what Attorney Ed Shapiro had to say about Charice: “If you look at our client list, we represent: U2, The Police, Mariah, Madonna etc. We are very, very well versed in dealing with superstar artist. Charice, we see her absolutely like all of our other clients and we think Charice is literally that next Whitney, that next Mariah…” Watch Citizen Pinoy documentary on Charice to get the full story.


Disclaimer: The video presentation is both in English and Filipino languages with English subtitles.


Video courtesy of: ABS-CBN International

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Charice Editorial Cartoon

Worshiping an idol by drawing her. Editorial cartoon titled “Phem-Phin-Kho” by: Neil Alexandro. Posted by: Relly

carricature Charice Editorial Cartoon

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ABS-CBN’s Balitang America Interview Charice in New York

Disclaimer: The video presentation is both in English and Filipino languages with English subtitles.

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Charice Pempengco Sings “I Have Nothing” on Boy & Kris Show

Video courtesy of: ABS-CBN boy & Kris Show

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Ellen DeGeneres is Top TV Star

ellen oprah 3 Ellen DeGeneres is Top TV Star Ellen DeGeneres has superseded Oprah Winfrey as America’s most favourite television star, according to the annual Harris Poll. Winfrey, who has occupied the top spot for five consecutive years, slipped to second place. DeGeneres was at number eight last year. Talk show host Jay Leno is in third place, followed by House actor Hugh Laurie and comedian Jon Stewart.

Congratulations Ellen! You are such an inspiration to millions of people in terms of giving non-Hollywood stars this much sought chance to showcase their talents like Charice’s.

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Charice’s One Moment in Time: Record Deal With Clive Davis

Published: January 16, 2008 | Author: Janet Nepales

LOS ANGELES — Charice Pempengco, the 15-year-old singing sensation who recently wowed audiences at the Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, is reportedly in talks with no less than the legendary music producer Clive Davis. Philippine News learned that Pempengco arrived in New York recently and is waxing a recording deal with Davis, the record producer who is behind the careers of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake just to name a few.

“I am so proud to be behind the launching of the musical career of Charice,” TV host Ellen DeGeneres told us after we bumped into her during a Golden Globes screening of “Juno” and afterparty with Fox co-chair Tom Rothman and his wife, Jessica.

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Julia Abueva – Another Little Girl With a Big Voice

10 years ago, all the way in the Philippines, an extraordinarily confident little angel took up a microphone and performed for her family in celebration of her beloved lolo’s (grandfather) birthday. This marked the beginning of a spectacular and unforgettable journey for little Julia Roman Abueva. A star was thus discovered.

She hails from a family of outstanding and talented individuals. Her grandparents are 2 University of the Philippines Presidents – Dr. Jose V. Abueva and Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman. Her parents, Jonas and Regina, have successful careers in Singapore and set aside time to coach her in her singing skills and assist in writing lyrics for songs. Her older sister, Jerone, is a young sculptor and at age 13 has already sold an art piece that will be featured in a gallery in Canada. Her older brother Josh, is a skilled athlete and dabbles in music as well by playing guitar and the saxophone.

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Hello Charice & Bianca My Name is Amy Diamond

Amy has a very important, almost crucial talent for someone who is going to become an extraordinary successful artist, which on top of that is rare for such a young talent, that is what is called voice identity.

With unique vocal maturity, and being used to perform on stage, she sings securely and calmly with personality and balance. Experienced through several stage performances, Amy early developed as an artist and has been compared to Carola as a young talent.

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More Than Standing Ovation

inquirer More Than Standing Ovation

Publisher: Philippine Daily Inquirer – Publication Date: 04-01-2008 – By Nestor Torre

We recently caught Filipino Charice Pempengco’s “command” performance on Ellen Degeneres’ self-titled TV show, and we gladly share these notes:

Charice impressed Ellen and the studio audience so much with her show-stopping performance that they gave her a standing ovation. Americans are among the more demonstrative people in the world, but standing ovations don’t happen every day on live TV shows in the States, so Charice’s performance was truly special.

What made it unusual wasn’t only her amazing vocal range–indeed, the US has many (usually black) singers who can hit those high notes with prodigious skill and unerring accuracy. Belting wasn’t the only factor that made listeners’ day when Charice performed on “Ellen”.

We think that what blew their socks off was her unique combination of vocal power and petite youthfulness. That’s a pretty rare mix to find on US TV, so it really was cause for admiration and celebration.

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Charice Pempengco Cries During Interview

Filipino singer Charice Pempengco cries during a Reuters interview in Manila. Picture taken  January 5, 2008. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo (PHILIPPINES)

charice in tears2 3 Charice Pempengco Cries During Interview

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YouTube Turns Filipino Singers Into Stars

Club Singer Gets To Front Rock Band in California While Teen Crooner Wins Standing Ovation on Popular US Talk Show

LITTLE did this teen Filipino singer know that video clips of her singing posted on YouTube would be viewed by 5 million people. And among them would be US celebrity and television host Ellen DeGeneres and Grammy award-winning producer David Foster.

While Charice Pempengco, 15, has wowed audiences in the US, her country mate Mr Arnel Pineda 40, is now the front man for US rock band Journey.

YouTube clips of him performing at a Manila club with his band caught the eye of Journey’s founder and guitarist.

But it has not always been this easy for the two budding stars.Charice thought her music career was doomed when she lost a local singing competition in 2006. She got her ‘cyber break’ of a lifetime on YouTube when a clip of her singing Jennifer Holliday’s And I’m Telling You I am Not Going caught the attention of TV host Ellen DeGeneres and Grammy award winning producer David Foster.

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Charice And Lani Team Up on Hit Tune “When You Believe”

What a treat! For once in a lifetime moment on Phillipine television, 2 world class Filipino singers certainly aim to please by serving fans a real, soulful feast on their duet rendition of “When You Believe.”

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Bianca Ryan’s Camp Reachin’ Out to Certain Charice Fans

Charice fans,
I am a moderator at the Bianca Ryan forum. Speaking for myself and the fans over there, I want to assure you that no fan of Bianca wishes anything but the best for Charice. We have several members who were fans of Charice first and came to our board to act as fans of both girls. They have posted links to her YouTube performances that are still up in the BACK PORCH forum.

To my knowledge, none of our members have ever made unfavorable comments toward Charice on YouTube or any other website. The only anger has been toward certain Charice fans who seem to have lost all sense of civility. Making hateful remarks toward Bianca only damages the credibility of Charice in the eyes of any intelligent person. If you really like Charice and her music, show it in a positive way.

I guarantee you that the mods at our site will delete any snarky comments posted on our board toward either girl, or toward any other performer. This is a big planet and certainly there is room for TWO successful and beloved young singers.

Mr. Bill
Official peacemaker

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Vote for Your Most Memorable Moment of The Year

Here are some of Ellen’s favorite moments of the year. To date, Charice is leading the pack with 93% of the votes. Show your support for Charice and cast your vote at

vote for charice 2 Vote for Your Most Memorable Moment of The Year

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A Message From FalseVoice

Hello everybody. Well, I guess it’s time for me to speak up. First of all, I want to thank you for all the support that you have given FalseVoice channel. It’s really saddening to know that one of the major channels of Charice got suspended and will never be able to be up again. I want to thank you for the overwhelming response that you gave to my channel that it actually reached over 5 million hits since it started last year.

Now. Let me say these things…

1. Yes, my account is PERMANENTLY disabled. That only means that there will never be another ‘FalseVoice’ again on YouTube. All the videos were deleted and sadly I don’t have back-up files for some of those.

2. One of my videos was complained by ABS-CBN Interactive to be infringing and it was Charice’s ‘Post Ellen Performance Interview’ that I took from TV Patrol. As you know, YouTube has a strict rule regarding copyrights ie. incidents of copyright infringements will result in the deletion of an account and all videos uploaded to that account. That’s why YouTube removed and disabled access to my account.

3. Is this the end ? Of course, its not. This is just the beginning, as some of you would say. I will surely rise. I will continue to upload Charice’s videos that I own ‘rights’ of. I have just made another account (‘FalseVoice2′) and I am on the process of uploading videos. I hope you subscribe. I will launch the channel soon and I hope you will continue to support me as what you had given FalseVoice before.

Thank you very,

FalseVoice would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to FalseVoice who volunteered his time and resources to take an active role in helping Charice succeed.

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